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Years ago, when anyone had a dental issue, they would ask colleagues, family, or friends for recommendations on dentists. Now, they just search online for dentists near their locations. Currently, there are more than 200,000 practising dentists in the U.S, and for you to stand out, you’ll need to increase your online visibility through Dental SEO.

According to Social Media Today, 86% of people search online to find local businesses. More people depend on the internet to find local businesses around them. It shows that potential clients are using the same resource to find local dentists.

Of course, it’s quite right that word of mouth is relevant when it comes to recommending your dental services to other people. However, in this technological world, you can’t depend on word of mouth and similar strategies to keep your business running. You need to move your business online. You need to capitalize on dental SEO.

Besides, local SEO for dentists is increasingly becoming a critical factor in a dental marketing plan. So, it’s the right time for you to implement effective SEO strategies that can help your business become more visible online.

In this guide, we’ll outline vital tips for dental SEO to help your website turn up for the specific keywords in search engines, notably Google.

In most cases, dentists want their business to be found in local search results. There’s a reason behind it.

Here’s why.

Let’s say you’re great with authority and SEO. You can use the search query, “local SEO for dentists” to rank on Google. When the search term has high purchase or marketing intent, it becomes, “dentists nearby” or “dentist near me open.”

Search engines assume that you’re searching for suggestions on business or location-based list results. And that’s precisely the results they show up in local SERPs.

By the way, using “near me” or location is not necessary if you’re using Google Maps or your location is turned on. Google assumes your search is local, therefore shows local search results for your query.

Local SEO for dentists is different from regular SEO. That’s why an excellent dental SEO first focus is on local searches and integrating traditional SEO, knowing that Google’s algorithms keep on changing and also that Google incorporates numerous local businesses in their search results.


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