Matcha, a powdered type of green tea discovered generally in Japan, is normally connected with perplexing tea functions where the tea is whisked and served in a unique tatami-stunned teahouse.

It’s a delightful convention yet it has likewise shielded numerous individuals from appreciating this delectable, velvety, marginally unpleasant/sweet refreshment. It is conceivable to appreciate a bowl of matcha in your own kitchen utilizing only a couple of key fixings and utensils and somewhat less convention. It isn’t troublesome. However, there are we have to plan essential matcha extras previously. For example, matcha whisk, matcha stand, matcha bowl, matcha scoop, and so forth. The most significant thing that is high-quality matcha powder.

Matcha Whisk: The conventional bamboo whisk (likewise called chasen) is basic for this technique for making matcha. You can utilize an electric latte aerator, yet it’s an entirely different stylish experience. A metal whisk isn’t suggested. You can buy the bamboo races at shops that convey matcha tea or on the web, typically is anything but difficult to utilize.

Matcha Bowl: In the customary tea function, picking the correct tea bowl is critical. In kitchen matcha, this is significant, as well, yet may be somewhat less so. Your bowl ought to be strong, sufficiently wide with the goal that you can speed in it and satisfying to grasp. To choose a reasonable bowl for making the most of your own tea service at home or whisking a fast morning cup of matcha in a hurry.

Where to drink the best matcha in Los Angeles?


Drinking coffee or tea turned out to be boring with the introduction of matcha powder to LA cafes. More and more shops started offering matcha beverages in various forms, including latte, smoothie, or milk tea. It is harder than ever to find a reliable shop that offers high-quality matcha in Los Angeles. That’s because most of them diverted from the original recipes.


People now add too much sugar, which offsets the health benefits of the beverage. I decided to assist you in finding the best matcha tea. Hence, we’ve created a list of 7 places that provide delicious and original products. Besides, they all have the friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff to guide you through the process.


What is Matcha?


In simple words, matcha is the powder version of green tea. In traditional tea, one adds hot water on green tea leaves and let it soak. Then they get the leaves out. However, matcha tea requires grinding leaves into powder. After, people add hot water on powder, whisk it with a bamboo brush and drink it. Hence, you drink the actual tea leaves in powder form.


When farmers grow matcha tea leaves, they put cover them with a cloth before harvesting. The reason is that shade enhances the flavor and texture of the tea.


Matcha in Los Angeles


Now that you know what matcha is, it is time to know where to find the best matcha green tea in Los Angeles.


Cha Cha Matcha


One of the shops that provide a wide diversity of matcha drinks is Cha Cha Matcha. Before their menu, the design of the shop, the color palette of packagings attract many clients. The theme of this matcha shop is California-inspired. The owners selected a green palm tree design and pastel color palette to reflect sunny LA days.


Though people mostly visit the shop because of its decorations suitable for Instagram pictures, the shop offers the best matcha green tea and other delicious drinks, too. One of the most preferred ones is Matcha Colada, which includes pineapple, coconut shred, matcha, and milk.


Other popular beverages include Matcha Chai, Matcha Latte, or different types of roasted coffee with matcha. One thing you should consider before visiting is the price. This place is a little expensive, but I think it is worth the aesthetics, ingredients, and taste.



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